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The City's Outdoor Living Room

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A flowering oasis in the concrete jungle

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Bryant Park may seem like a picnic, but that's because it actually is. With its sprawling lawn and great restaurants and food trucks nearby, New Yorkers love to bring their lunches here, relax and people watch. With creative programming (think yoga, film festivals and live performances in the summer, ice skating and hot chocolate in the winter), it's a popular gathering spot for city dwellers from all over the island.

Bryant Park Summer Afternoon

Bryant Park Amenities

Enjoy a variety of amenities when making your way to one of the busiest public spaces in NYC:

  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the park
  • Cafes and restaurants offering a diverse delights
  • Chess and backgammon matches
  • An art cart that offers drawing and other arts and crafts lessons
  • Six gorgeous flowerbeds (stop and smell the roses - really!)
Bryant Park Fountain

Things to do in Bryant Park

Embark on an unforgettable journey of exploration and entertainment with the many activities available at Bryant Park. Here are some highlights: